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Our Team

Our team

In different years we had between 8 and 26 people working in our office.

But in any time the CEO and at the same time the main generator of the ideas was always Nelly Margolit and the the general manager and the heart of the company was Alla Anosova.


From the first day and up till now we are one friendly team.

Kind and friendly relations between the employees are the guarantee of the attentive and efficient relations with the clients.


The training of the staff takes at least two month. During this period the future employees of the company should master very broad knowledge of timeshare and all the timeshare resembling products.

These knowledge includes the European and Asian timeshare legislation as well as the relations with between the resort developers, management companies, resort trustees and the exchange companies.


It’s important to understand where starts and ends the responsibility of each of them to the client.

Each employee should understand well in all the aspects of timeshare resales thru different international resale companies, what influences on the timeshare resale market, how to set the prices and how effectively and profitably sell the timeshare.


The company employees should have broad and deep knowledge of the geography, specifics of the holiday booking of different types in the holiday’s clubs, booking of the regular, charter and low-budget flights and putting together the complicated trips.

All the employees of the company get the experience working in all the departments of the company: while in Legal- and-Admin department they learn how to put the quarries and requests to the resorts about the state or status of the membership., about the reinstatement of the membership, transfer of the ownership; in the Tourist department taking the holiday requests of the timeshare owners to book the resort accommodation, booking the flights and searching for the exchange accommodation in different systems; in Resales department  consulting clients about the conditions in the different international resale companies, helping to list a timeshare for resale, receive the confirmation of the listing, following the operations till the very end.  The Help Line staff are trained the telemarketing and sales techniques at the very high level.

Such broad knowledge gives the members of the staff a chance to develop their skills, try the work in a different department and sometimes is a real trampling in the carrier. 


Of cause there can be omissions and mistakes. The company is doing its best to identify and correct the mistakes.

Those who had a great experience in our company are working at the high positions of the companies’ management and leading sales managers. Our ex-employees are working all round the world.  Some six tourists agencies have opened up the ex-members of our staff. 

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